Scenic Flight Heart of Voh, Koné

Koné, NC

2023-09-29 - 11:59 2023-09-29 - 11:59

Scenic Flight Heart of Voh, Koné

Scenic Flight Heart of Voh, Koné

By taking off from Koné's Airfield (275 km from Nouméa), you will enjoy a sightseeing flight over the Coeur de Voh (Hearth of Voh), as well as other points of interest such as the Oundjo's Blue Hole and the Great Barrier Reef. This unique lagoon is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.


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From : 2023-09-29 - 11:59

To : 2023-09-29 - 11:59

Place : Koné, New Caledonia

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